Who we help

Mid-tier Organisations
Customer-Centric Approach
Canopy Tools has set objectives to help clients align their current business initiatives with evolving industry trends so that they can gain a better understanding of how future technology innovations will impact the business. Intelligently developed products which organically scale to requirements.


We work with our customers to understand their unique priorities, industry challenges and issues critical for business to give the greater capacity in removing the hassle and resource heavy role of navigating complex cloud services environments.

From start-ups to global
Our combined expertise with enterprise scale digital infrastructure provide us with an informed position to deliver relevant flexible products and services which are trusted by local and state Government departments and multi-national corporations while aligned with essential organisational objectives and requirements.


Our consultant approach gives us the ability to customise our service specifically to assist privately owned SME’s, Mid-tier and non-for-profit organisations with cost-effective access to bespoke services and products which protect against resource leakage and visibility gaps across a range of industry verticals.