What’s new to Canopy Manage

We’ve rolled out an update to Canopy Manage!

So what’s new?​​

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Security – 2 Factor Authentication

We value your security, so we’ve taken one step further to passwords and added 2 Factor Authentication. ​

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Speed – Faster than ever before

Not only is the new and updated User Interface quicker and more responsive than the previous releases, it now has better usability.  Spending less time waiting and looking and more time getting on with the task at hand.

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Asset Groups – Links for easy access

More time saving features are the ability to add links to the groups which means you don’t have to go searching for the relevant documentation or information, you can just click and view! 

What’s next? The future version will have… 

  • Support for more devices and web browsers
  • Customisable Manual Assets
  • The ability to choose icons and customise the fields that are available for each Asset Type
  • Reducing the size of the application so it loads faster
  • The first version of our new Alerting feature, giving us the ability to raise alerts in ConnectWise for stale VM snapshots​
  • Improved feedback when performing Management Actions on assets​
  • The ability to run Custom Actions on assets
  • Further performance and usability improvements
  • Ability to view and manage probes through Canopy

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