What’s new to Canopy Manage

We’ve rolled out an update to Canopy Manage!


So what’s new?​​

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Custom action settings – Click to execute

Add your own scripts to Canopy Manage though the UI with the new custom action settings section.   This will give you the ability to immediately perform any action which can be scripted.  Allowing for tasks to be easily enacted with a click to execute.

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Common data model

Core to our push towards supporting assets of all shapes and sizes, we have developed a common supported model which allows Canopy Manage to easily ingest any asset which conforms to this definition

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Inline editing of custom fields

When using your own custom fields, you now have the ability to instantly edit content with simple inline editing enhancements

What else…

  • Consistent Branding style update
  • User onboarding enhancements

What’s next? The future version will have… 

  • More flexible framework for alerts – Customisation, priority & severity.​
  • The ability to choose icons and customise the fields that are available for each Asset Type​
  • Adding the ability to remote-in to supported asset types
  • ​ Further performance and usability improvements​ ​ ​
  • ​A more secure smaller probe​

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