What’s new to Canopy Manage

We’ve rolled out an update to Canopy Manage!


So what’s new?​​

Image module

Usability Enhancements 

Using icons and visual grouping enhancements its now easier to navigate and manage your Canopy settings with adjustments to make it quick and easy to do

Image module

Probe Management Protection

Made changes which protects users from inadvertently mis-configuring the probe, to ensure the probe is functioning as designed.  This provides an additional level of security and probe responsiveness

Image module

Custom Actions Template

Fast-track custom actions with the newly implemented templates allowing an easy, built-in way to customise scripts to be actioned

What’s next? The future version will have… 

  • More flexible framework for alerts – Customisation, priority & severity.​
  • The ability to choose icons and customise the fields that are available for each Asset Type​
  • Asset model changes to support almost any asset type
  • ​ Further performance and usability improvements​ ​ ​
  • ​A more secure smaller probe​

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