What’s new to Canopy Manage

We’ve rolled out an update to Canopy Manage!


So what’s new?​​

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Enhanced Custom Actions 

Making scripts easier to run within the UI.  The enhanced custom actions allows you to now associate a script with an asset type and on demand, execute the script against any asset of that type

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New Probe Management options

Improved probe section of UI to allow management actions such as troubleshooting and allowing remedial actions such as restating to be executed against probes.

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Additional Performance Improvements 

By slimming down the Canopy UI, we have been able to drastically reduce load-times, making Canopy Manage load even quicker.

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Responsive UI Layout

Allowing Canopy to work more effectively on smaller screen sizes such a tablet making managing assets on-the-go a whole lot easier

What’s next? The future version will have… 

  • More flexible framework for alerts – Customisation, priority & severity.​
  • The ability to choose icons and customise the fields that are available for each Asset Type​
  • Asset model changes to support almost any asset type
  • ​ Further performance and usability improvements​ ​ ​
  • ​A more secure smaller probe​

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