IN THE MEDIA: Technology can save the cruise industry

Cruise companies can leverage their existing technologies to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks on board ships, said Dan Pearson, co-founder and ceo, Canopy Tools Group while outlining what he claims is a biosecure framework for cruise vessels.  – Holly Payne | Nov 10, 2020
It came during the ‘Cruise – Technology can save it!’ webinar presented by Ian Richardson, co-founder and ceo, TheICEway at this year’s World Travel Market (WTM) Virtual, amid conversation on the use of Canopy Tools Group’s Canopy Manage to monitor passenger location, movement and temperature, from embarkation to debarkation, all via a smart wearable device.

Independent Consultant Nicholas Belle added, ‘These technologies can be retrofitted… the main challenges are time and finding the right technology partner.’

Combined approach

A joined up approach with Kognitiv Spark, which can deliver augmented reality training programs to cruise ship medics to support emergency planning, adds to the framework.

Duncan McSporran, co-founder and coo, Kognitiv Spark explained that the technology up to now has been used in military settings, owing to its functionality at speeds of 28Kbps.

Huge opportunity

‘There is huge potential for technology solutions to be implemented which will not only meet the new challenges being faced, but which will also revolutionise many aspects of the cruise industry’, claims Richardson.

‘It is vital that the technology addresses the health and safety of guests and crew first and foremost but the overall opportunity for improvement is huge.’

While travel as a whole has taken a knock due to the pandemic, the coronavirus seems to have dealt the cruise industry a crippling blow. However some may argue that this has presented huge opportunities as the whole industry unifies together. Tipped to bounce back ‘very fast’ in 2021, we will discuss how technology is being prepared to face the challenges, rebuild consumer confidence and meet new healthy sail requirements.
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