Mid-tier Organisations

We understand that there are rapid technological changes are occurring across the life cycle of assets. Many organisations are overwhelmed by planning for systems improve asset management and assistance to make the decisions for acquiring, upgrading or replacing old data systems or cloud migration. Taking assets to the cloud requires careful planning and management to achieve the right outcomes.
Our Canopy Manage product supports asset managers in remaining at the forefront of technological developments and compete in an increasingly virtual world, while reducing the resource drain on additional staffing requirements to keep up with the changes.
Canopy Manage helps organisations manage public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The Manage single-pane-of-glass console provides a unified interface through which administrators and users can easily view and control cloud infrastructure and applications. The easy to use Canopy Manage product provides a suite of tools for managing your cloud infrastructure, including the provisioning, management and automation of applications across the leading private and public cloud platforms. Available as software as a service (SaaS) product which provides agility, governance and choice for organisations like yours. Canopy Manage makes it easy for IT and developers to work together by enabling secure access to your clouds and cloud resources, accelerating resource provisioning, providing tools for tracking usage and costs, and offering a service catalogue of preapproved public clouds and cloud applications for click-of-a button deployment. Enforcing governance policies Maintaining control over your systems is crucial to reducing risk. Canopy Manage provides granular access controls, including encryption, advanced user authentication and budget management. This enables you to provide only the right people the right level of access to your cloud environment.
Enabling business agility Canopy Manage helps provide consistency across all clouds, speeds up deployment time and enables your organisation to improve service levels.


Canopy Manage delivers cloud agility through:


Self-service provisioning — Deploy servers and applications with the click of a button while adhering to governance policies. Administrators can create custom catalogues of approved applications, stacks and services to deploy across their user base, streamlining provisioning and eliminating the need for workflow approval.

Configuration management — Integrate with leading IT automation tools such as Chef for orchestration across your entire application lifecycle.

Automation — Set applications to autoscale and auto-heal based upon user defined policies to eliminate worry around scalability and recovery.