Local State and Government

Cloud computing is an emerging way to deliver ICT services. While it presents many opportunities, there are many challenges. Government agencies will usually take a ‘Cloud-First’ approach to the sourcing of ICT functions, requiring agencies to consider cloud-based solutions in preference to traditional ICT investments wherever feasible and cost-effective. While the first preference is to source new capabilities and replacements for existing systems from the cloud, it is expected that some business services may not be able to be met by cloud services at this time. The resultant state, where some services are cloud delivered while others are delivered by traditional IT is referred to as hybrid IT.
There are five principles that direct our approach to engaging with Government Departments and Agencies.



  • Enabling equitable participation, fair assessment of information requests and appropriate engagement for the relevant activity.


  • Leadership focus on delivering solutions for the benefit of Local, State and Federal Government agencies.
  • Ensuring activities are aligned with government priorities, are delivered professionally and risks effectively managed

Problem resolution

  • Timely, effective and equitable problem resolution mechanisms and processes


  • Building and maintaining an effective, co-operative relationship that facilities knowledge sharing and capability development
  • Encourage staff to develop marketplace understanding
  • Mechanisms that build trust and confidence

Application (deliver outcomes)

  • Leading activities to deliver outcomes for the benefit of Local, State and Federal Government agencies
  • Create an environment that fosters innovation and provides opportunities for government and industry
  • Implement and abide by appropriate compliance and confidentiality requirements