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Canopy Manage Supporting the Healthcare Industry
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Looking after the health and well being of all of us is paramount, especially during COVID-19 times. Health systems around the world are stretched to breaking point due to overwhelming demand, and lack of resources. The people tasked with looking after all of us are becoming sick themselves due to stress-related conditions, as well as the illnesses and diseases they are protecting the rest of us from.

Managing health departments just got a whole lot tougher, and you can’t afford to lose your key workers to conditions that should be preventable. But how do you keep your workers safe? Canopy Manage can help.

Imagine if your frontline workers each have a discreet wearable device – think of a fitness tracker – and that device then sends key indicators of stress and illness, such as elevated heart rate and increased temperature – to a smart system which can track this and look for patterns that could indicate an oncoming sickness. With that information, you may be able to manage your key workers workloads to – for example – ensure they are not subject to super stressful conditions for extended periods of time, ensure that they take appropriate breaks and downtime, and catch a virus early, before it has the chance to spread.

Supporting Emergency Services with Canopy Roster
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We all rely on emergency services to keep us safe. That’s a given. They work around the clock, whatever the weather to look after us. They spend their time on the road heading to and from incidents, helping people at home, at work, and in medical facilities. And while we all appreciate what they do, we know that they face more and more obstacles hindering them from getting on with the job. Knowing which job they should be dispatched to next is one thing. The amount of paperwork that must be completed before the end of the shift is something else.

These brave men and women are highly skilled in their fields, and yet we’re asking them to start work at base because their rosters are posted on the staff noticeboard, and after a long day of work, we’re asking them to come back to base and sit in front of a computer to complete their paperwork. It’s hardly the most effective use of their skills and time.

Designing, publishing and updating rosters used to involve sticky notes or magnets on a board. The Duty Manager would run through scenarios by pushing magnets around until the best fit for jobs and people to fulfill them was found. Then this would have to be translated into some Excel template that could be printed and pinned on the noticeboard. And if somebody called in sick, the whole dance had to start again. Canopy Roster takes away all the complexity and inefficiency of this dance, and means you can create a roster for your teams – regardless of size, regardless of shift patterns and enterprise bargaining agreements – and create rosters you can publish electronically to staff. Frontline workers can now view their rosters securely online. Comfortable in the knowledge that they are always viewing the latest up to date version. The Duty Manager can deal with absences or overtime in a few clicks, instead of having to start all over again with the magnets

Canopy Manage making Resources more efficient

Whether drilling for oil and gas, or mining for minerals and precious metals, chances are you’re in charge of a lot of equipment – from tiny pressure sensors up to huge trucks and everything in between – and you have to manage it all in a remote, hard to reach and isolated part of the world. It’s hard work. And when something goes wrong with the equipment, it could be out of action for days or weeks while replacements are being shipped out

The visibility of your operational technology (OT) is crucial to staying in control. But with so many different systems spread around the mine or drill site, keeping an eye on all of it and reacting to abnormalities in a timely manner is near impossible for a human.

But what is impossible for a human could be meat and drink for an intelligent, connected, technology system. Where a human will struggle to monitor 10 or 20 systems, a fully scaled smart asset system such as Canopy Manage can manage hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of operational assets. With the smarts built into the system, if a pump starts running a little hot, or a drill starts to vibrate erratically, Canopy Manage can take charge and perform automated actions to bring the technology back under control. And by doing so, it can extend the lifetime of delicate and expensive equipment, all without human intervention. Your engineers can now focus on what they’re good at, instead of watching dials and gauges.

Better Public Housing Management through Canopy Manage

Public housing is being lumbered with more and more regulations and compliance measures almost by the day. It’s not enough just to have a solid building with power and running water anymore. Managers of housing associations find themselves responsible for the wellbeing of their tenants – even more so with aged residents. If the property under management develops damp or mould, for example, tenants can become sick, and you might find yourself in hot water for allowing the situation to occur.

It’s a nightmare scenario for tenants and managers, and unless you have a huge inspection and maintenance team, how will you even know there is a problem?

Thankfully, technology has a solution. For example with the issue of damp, inexpensive and unobtrusive sensors can now be installed in homes. These sensors will be constantly checking air quality, moisture levels, and more, and securely send this data back to Canopy Manage. Depending on a set of configurable rules, Canopy Manage can perform many actions on this data. For example, if excess gas is detected by a sensor, SMS alerts can be sent to an emergency crew, or if excess moisture (which leads to mould) is detected in the property, then it can flag this to property managers. Additionally, it will analyse the data constantly looking for trends and patterns, which will allow the maintenance team to plan their maintenance much more efficiently, while still meeting the needs of the tenants.

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