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What is Canopy Manage?

So what is Canopy Manage and how does it help? Canopy Manage is an IoT and IT product for managing assets, their health, status and lifecycle

Canopy Manage – Key Features

Take an in depth look at the key features of Canopy Manage. How it gets, sorts, groups and uses the information

Canopy Manage – Defence

Our secure IoT asset health system is a proven and cost effective product for the ‘smart management’ of assets and our team works with Defence clients to design and implement integrated solutions.

Canopy Tools’ Dan Pearson on Travel Forward Event: Cruise – Technology can save it!

While travel as a whole has taken a knock due to the pandemic, the coronavirus seems to have dealt the cruise industry a crippling blow. However some may argue that this has presented huge opportunities as the whole industry unifies together. Tipped to bounce back ‘very fast’ in 2021, we will discuss how technology is being prepared to face the challenges, rebuild consumer confidence and meet new healthy sail requirements.

Canopy Manage Jabra Partnership – Dan Pearson Interview on Ticker News

Canopy Tools and Jabra have partnered to address a growing global challenge to track, manage, maintain and service multiple audio-visual devices, deployed into people’s homes or workspaces.

Canopy Tools’ Dan Pearson on IoT platform helping business

Canopy Tools' Dan Pearson recently appeared on ticker to reveal how the fully integrated IoT platform can help small and large businesses.

Wayne Moore & Docusign Webinar:  Agreeable Tech: Building for the future of Technology in ANZ

Australasia is rapidly becoming a tech innovation hub with a multitude of tech companies founded across the region. As a technology business, we recognise the role technology plays in being easier to do business with, easier to do business for and easier on the environment. The live webinar was on July 29th at 11am AEST as we featured best practices from local technology leaders on how they’re making their businesses more agreeable while keeping pace with the rapid rate of change and ever-increasing expectations.

Craig Adams & Docusign: Momentum APAC

Craig Adams shares how the Agreement Cloud let Canopy Tools Group, do business faster, at less cost, with better customer experiences.