A Microsoft Preferred IoT Solution

Canopy Manage has been named Preferred Solution in Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and AppSource. The Next Generation IoT and IT Asset Management solution from Canopy Tools

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The Canopy Tools group of companies have enjoyed a rewarding relationship with Microsoft over the years.  Having worked with Microsoft to provide the most advanced IoT and IT Asset Health Management solution on the market to help customers manage assets smarter for the modern IT environment.  A tight integration with Microsoft is key to the Preferred Solution status.

Canopy Manage is;

  • Next Gen for cloud
  • For IoT Health & Status
  • Offering compliance control
  • Visibility on expired and unidentified assets
  • The ability to invoke workflows
  • An enterprise view of all assets
  • Transparent usage costs
  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Integrations with Service Now, Milestone, Jabra and more!

Microsoft Preferred Solution

Canopy Tools has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that Canopy Manage is the perfect fit for Azure, and to make sure that the solution can be easily found in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource.  With efforts to ensure the solution is listed accurately, so customers can get appropriate results from their search efforts. Microsoft ultimately determines how solutions are featured in the Marketplace, and solutions that feature the small blue-ribbon seal are Microsoft Preferred Solutions. This designation is awarded by a team of Microsoft industry and sales experts from Gold Microsoft Partners.

From 1,000 search results on the Microsoft AppSource platform; Canopy Manage appeared as the number one result for IoT Asset Management.


Canopy Manage now hold the Microsoft Preferred Solution for IoT and It Asset Management in the Azure Marketplace,

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