Canopy Generation 2 Probe

At a glance

  • Canopy manage now has a ‘smart probe’ that can ingress and egress information between canopy manage and on premise both IT and IoT
  • Cognitive services and cyber scanning are planned by Q3 2019
  • The probe supports IoT assets for enhanced asset management
  • Probes can be deployed, managed and updated via the Canopy Manage instance.

The Canopy Manage probe is the tool which collects information about assets and sends them to your Canopy Manage instance.  

Canopy Manage uses probes (both virtual and physical) to collect IT and IoT assets. 

Security Approach. 

The Gen2 probe is built on a security-hardened Linux image that can be delivered as a virtual or physical appliance. Focusing on security it’s also an agile, flexible solution, the Gen2 probe is designed to run on any on-premises hypervisor, or in public cloud. It can even run securely in your on-premises network on a small, ruggedized device – ideal for more isolated locations, such as Internet of Things (IoT) environments. S

The probe communicates with Canopy Manage instance over secure channels using SSL, encrypted even when the information it is collecting from internal networks may not be encrypted. 

Cognitive Services/AI 

A useful feature of the Gen2 probe is the ability to perform analytics to filter alerts, then utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prioritise alerts on a store and forward basis. It then pushes the alerts into Canopy Manage using a priority routing approach. Many asset managers end up swamped with alerts, making extracting useful information near impossible. By analysing and prioritising alerts on the probe itself (prior to dispatching to Canopy Manage instance), it means that the most relevant and important alerts displayed to the user. 

Probe Management. 

The Gen2 probe Is managed through the settings area of Canopy Manage allowing customers to remotely manage the probe; including only installing required packages and pulling updates and patches to the probe centrally from the Canopy Application. Updates made to the probe are logged and tracked within the Canopy instance. 

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