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Mitigating the COVID-19 Risk

Pandemic Impact

Prior to COVID-19 much of the maritime industry was on a trajectory to new digitisation in order to enhance the guest experience, introduce new products, and attract new customers. COVID-19 has resulted in an increase in the speed by which these projects need to be delivered while expanding the scope of work required to include various health and safety protocols needed to protect and reassure passengers and crew that it is safe to travel and mitigate the spread of the virus – so how can Cruise Line Companies achieve this? 



Canopy Manage is a scalable cloud based dynamic IoT device management solution focused on passenger and crew safety reassurance to lessen the spread of the virus both at port and onboard throughout the duration of the cruise experience. There are three elements of Canopy Manage that are implemented in order to provide immediate detection and on-going location-based health monitoring using a range of “smart devices” (including optional wearables, and thermal cameras at the port check-in and located on all the ship decks) to ensure passenger and crew safety.

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Canopy Manage

“Check In”

Makes an immediate impact by processing health screening data at the source of the entry point to the location such as a “Check-in Kiosk” monitoring the passengers temperature followed by self-service health related questionnaire and rapid test which automatically updates the passengers record stored in the Cruise Companies Passenger Management System (PMS) solution. 

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Canopy Manage


Automatically leverages the data collected from CHECK-IN and seamlessly connects the passenger’s data to the “on-boarding” process including the optional allocation of “smart wearables” (should the Cruise Line Operator wish to utilise this technology) that provide continuous monitoring of temperature detection, physical distancing compliance and location over-crowding alerts. 

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Canopy Manage


Provides actionable insight and alerts based on customised business rules to address potential outbreaks, assess risks from known interactions, plan for additional cleaning requirements, or to broadcast instructions to avoid the over-crowding of specific areas of the ship particularly at peak periods if “smart wearables” are issued to passengers. This information is critical for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. 

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